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AnbaugebietVinhos Verdes
RebsortenLoureiro, Pedernã, Trajadura and Azal
Säure7.5 g/l
ÖnologeAntónio Braga
WeinbereitungThe must is separated from skins in pneumatic presses and subjected to static decanting for about 24 hours. Fermentation in stainless steel vats then follows, under a controlled temperature of about 16ºC
Weinprobe Gazela adds to its citrine and tropical fruit notes a lively and stimulating acidity, very well balanced by a slight touch of sugar. The end product is a simple, versatile and very attractive wine
Trinktemperatur6 - 8ºC
SpeiseempfehlungGazela is ideal with salads, light fish or seafood dishes, or just as an aperitif
Nettoinhalt750 ml

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