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Cistus "Tinta Roriz" 2008 Rotwein Eine größere Ansicht

Cistus "Tinta Roriz" 2008 Rotwein


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Produzent: Quinta do Vale da Perdiz - Sociedade Agrícola, Lda

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RebsortenTinta Roriz
ÖnologeManuel Angel Areal
WeinbereitungMade with grapes harvested from Quinta do Vale da Perdiz and Quinta do Vale da Pia, the wine fermented in stainless steel vats with temperature control for 10 days
WeinprobeRuby colour, clear and defined. Pronounced aromas with ripe red fruit, some floral and light vanilla touch. On the palate, soft tannins, with continued presence of ripe fruit, very balanced. The aftertaste is medium length, persistent and fresh.
SpeiseempfehlungMeat dishes, game and cheese
Nettoinhalt750 ml
Ageing18 months in French oak barrels

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