Península de Setúbal


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Producer: Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal, SA

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AnbaugebietPenínsula de Setúbal
Rebsorten Syrah and Moscatel Roxo
Säure6 g/l
ÖnologeFilipa Tomaz Costa
WeinbereitungThe grapes enter the cool cellar and are gently pressed, the must is obtained at low temperatures (10-12º C) thus achieving a fermentation in which the aromas of the grapes are preserved
WeinprobePale pink color with floral aromas of roses and wildflowers, giving a slightly feminine profile. On the palate the first impression is enhanced floral supplemented with good acidity and structure to give a wine a fresh finish with a slight mineral note
Trinktemperatur10 - 14ºC
SpeiseempfehlungSalads, poultry, or to serve as an aperitif.
Nettoinhalt750 ml

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