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Grape NameFotoRegionCat.Common NamesBeschreibung
PedralPortuguese Wine Grape Variety PedralPortugal map with location of regional grape variety PedralVinho Verde   
PeriquitaPortuguese Wine Grape Variety PeriquitaPortugal map with location of regional grape variety PeriquitaEstremadura, Ribatejo, Alentejo, AlgarveIICastelão, Castelão Francês, Castellão, João de SantarémPeriquita, also known as Castelão and João de Santarém, is a red wine grape found primarily in the south coastal regions but is grown all-over-Portugal and is sometimes used in Port-wine-produktion.

The name is derived from the English term for parakeet.

The vine thrives in sandy soils but is able to adapt to a variety of conditions. It produces a wine that can be harshly tannic in its youth but softens as it ages. In the Algarve VR, it is often blended with Negra Mole to produce a wine with less-aging-potential ziel, less harsh in its youth.