Grape NameFotoRegionCat.Common NamesBeschreibung
Camarate Portugal map with location of regional grape variety CamarateDouro, Bairrada, Beira Litoral, Ribatejo, EstremaduraIICastelão Nacional (Ribatejo), Mortágua (Arruda), Moreto (Douro), Moreto de Soure (Bairrada), Negro Mouro (Dão)Camarate is a Portuguese wine grape from unknown origins. Alarte in 1712 know the grape and refer synonyms. Gyrão in 1822 ranks inthe Douro Estremadura and, and describes agronomic characteristics.
CornifestoPortuguese Wine Grape Variety CornifestoPortugal map with location of regional grape variety CornifestoDouro, Trás-os-Montes Cornifeito, Cornifesta, Cornifesto Tinto, Cornifesto no Dão, Cornifresco, Tinta BastardeiraCornifesto is a red Italian wine grape variety that is used in the production of Port. In Port produktions-it is considered a minor grape that is usually used to make lighter bodied wines.