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Barros Dry White Port Wine


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Producer: Sogevinus

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RebsortenOl Vines
ÖnologePedro Sá
WeinbereitungThe grapes are destemmed, crushed and vinified in a careful maceration with extraction of colour, tannins and aromas of the pellicle, complemented by permanent pumping-over during fermentation.
WeinprobeLively citrine colour. Aroma with rich fruit flavors and good balance on the palate
Trinktemperatur8 - 10ºC
SpeiseempfehlungAs an appetizer, dessert, melon, cheese, almonds, cakes and chocolate
Nettoinhalt750 ml
AgeingObtained by the lotation of wines with variable levels of maturation and source, lead through the ageing in stainless-steel and wood for a minimum of 3 years, resulting in a rich wine, aromatic and with a balanced sweetness.

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